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A game about the life of an owl family, made by my wife and me. Remember the past, one New Year's Eve at a time.


  • Use mouse wheel to move between different years
  • Some memories are hidden in darkness - turn on the fairy lights to unhide them
  • You can turn on fairy lights with LMB - but only if you have a light power of the same color (see color indicators on the radio)
  • There are some mistakes in your memory - click on the things that don't belong to see the real truth. Successfully doing so will give you more power for fairy lights
  • Look for red markers on the radio - it hints you that you can do something in that year

There is no win or lose condition, but you can light up all the fairy lights!


A game by Mike and Tanya Mezhenin
Music: First Snow of December by Dusk Horizon
Sounds by kMoon, sandyrb, nfrae, radiopassiveboy (freesounds.com)
Font: "Indie Queen" by Hollie Tudor